F.O.R. - Friends Of Rudy

                    Welcome to the FOR Nicaraguan Health Mission

Who are we? Volunteers!
Physicians and support personnel lending our healing and surgical skills to help the indigent adults and children in a “Third World” country----Nicaragua.

Volunteers collecting equipment, medicine and medical supplies to upgrade hospitals in Nicaragua.

Volunteers teaching new techniques to Nicaraguan physicians such as total knee prosthesis to help patients walk again.

Volunteers bringing vaccination programs for children.

Volunteers bringing medicine for the treatment of diabetes, testing supplies and educational material to avoid, prevent or delay dreadful complications.

Volunteers who perform eye surgeries to help the poor to regain their sight.

Volunteers have solicited funds and operate a year round clinic, Alabama Granada Clinica.  Volunteers continue to solicit funds annually to assure the two Nicaraguan physicians and support personnel can continue their much needed treatment of indigent patients.


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