About Us

Alabama-Granada Clinic is part of the foundation Friends of Rudy (FOR) Nicaraguan Health, Inc. The clinic founded in February 2004 serves as an outpatient medical care provider to the less fortunate adults and children from the area of Granada and also from the surrounding cities including Managua. All types of medical problems are treated: including diabetes, high blood pressure, upper respiratory infections, asthma, gastrointestinal, arthritic, and other chronic conditions of middle age and elderly population. Children with upper respiratory and gastrointestinal infections are also very common. The majority of our patients with chronic medical problems are seen on follow up once a month at which time they receive their new allotment of medicines. Every patient has a computerized medical record. We also have a computerized pharmacy supplied with a variety of medicines that are given to the patients at the end of their visits. Much of the medicines are obtained and bought in the local market, others are donated by American Nicaraguan Foundation and others we bring from United States such as analog insulin. Currently we have over 500 registered patients with diabetes.

The clinic operates Mon-Fri. from 7:30 AM to 1:30 PM or until the last patient is seen. We have two local medical doctors, administrative and pharmacy personnel who are the ONLY persons who receive salaries. The volunteers who come on medical missions pay for their own expenses.

The clinic also serves as a center for medical education for all levels of students. Annually, pre-med students from the Honors College of the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa and Second year medical students from Vanderbilt University work in our clinic. We also receive senior medical students from medical schools in Europe: primarily England, France and Germany. All rotate through our Clinic as part of their curriculum.


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