Student Rotations

International Students Rotations at Alabama-Granada Clinic

Since its opening in 2004, the clinic has received medical and nurse students from Holland, England, France and USA. Most from Europe have been senior medical students ready to begin their residency training who expended from two to three months at the clinic. We also have agreements with the University of Alabama Honors College where we receive two groups of six to eight pre-med students for a period of two weeks, each during the month of May. A group of Medical students from Vanderbilt University comes for a shorter time. We also have many requests from nurses or medical technicians for rotations of up to three months. These are medical professionals who are working in USA or happen to be in Nicaragua for other projects.

Rotations at the clinic are designed to be an experience with opportunities to care for patients in a unique underserved community setting including individual continuity care at a general medicine clinic. It is an invaluable experience that students gain by immersing themselves in an environment that Spanish language and the Spanish medical terminology is practiced 100%. The understanding of the language by itself will be a profound experience in future medical field as more and more Hispanics become part of the American society. Knowledge of basic Spanish will be highly desirable.

For more information and application requirements, please contact:

Dr. Rodolfo Vargas, President